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Added WendyMupke Regular in True Type to the PhontPhreak page.
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18 May 2011
Welcome to OFFSite, your only free fonts site!
OFFSite is somewhat different from other font archives - fonts are only sorted by designer or foundry. If you are looking for alphabetically sorted fonts or a categorized presentation of fonts, we do not have that here. However, we do have an alphabetically arranged list of all fonts in True Type font format available for free download at OFFSite for those looking for a particular font. In any case, we invite you to have a and download what you desire.
All fonts available at OFFSite are free fonts - public domain, freeware and shareware. There are no commercial fonts here. However, freeware or shareware fonts that might have become commercial fonts might still be in this site. In such a case, fonts available here are the freeware or shareware version of that font.
Most fonts are available as True Type Font (TTF) for Windows. Some fonts are also available as Open Type Font (OTF) and Windows Postscript Type 1 Font (T1). Click on a font format icon below a font preview to download a font in the font format specified by the icon. The Open Type format is cross-platform, which can be used in Windows, Macintosh and other systems. Also, Mac OS X can now use Windows True Type fonts without conversion. A list of Open Type and Type 1 fonts are available for those looking for these font formats.
The OFFSite collection currently includes fonts designed by Abdul, Aldus, Allen R. Walden, Andy Kennedy, Annie de la Vega, Caroline Marcil, Catrina, Character, Christophe Féray, Claude Pelletier, Dibujado, Dieter Lausus, Digital PR8, Eric Perlin, ES Typography, Francois Bruel, George Williams, Graham Meade, HypoTypo, James Milligan, James Paul Fajardo, Jane Clough, Jason Skoog, Jody Burge, Jordie van Rijn, Keith Bates, La Vie Dansante, Lee Gordon, LeFly, Luke Owens, Mada Engel, Matthew Balmer, Meg, Michael Spina, Ola Nilsson, Owen Turley, Petroglyhic Design, PhontPhreak, Ressearcher, Robert Moore, Sandra Rose, Scott Ulrich, Synergie Ltd, Three Mile Island, Toto, Twitterbug, Tycam, Typotheticals and Zillah.
We hope that you will find your visit to OFFSite fruitful and we are looking forward to your return visit.

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